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Future Spending Priorities

Changes in government rent policy last year saw social housing rents being capped at 7%. 
This cap may have helped minimise the impact of the cost of living crisis for you. It does mean the Council has less money for maintaining, repairing and improving your homes and estates.
The money we use to carry out this work comes from rents we are able to collect. Like all households, the Council is facing higher costs of things like building materials, fittings and delivering services due to inflation.
As a result it means we have to make £11 million savings from our Housing Services budget over the next 4 years from April 2024.
We know any reduction in our budget will have an impact on you - our tenants. This is why we need your views on which of the services we deliver is most important to you.
Our work is split across five main areas: 
  • Repairs - e.g. general repairs to your home, tackling damp and mould
  • Resident and building safety - e.g fire and gas safety, building safety regulations
  • Capital works - e.g. replacing kitchens and front doors, improving estates, making your homes more energy efficient, maintaining lifts
  • Tenancy Services - e.g. rent collections;  management of council homes, and tackling anti-social behaviour
  • Service Improvement / Complaints - e.g. customer services,  managing and monitoring service performance, supporting service improvements and driving up standards.
How to use the interactive tool
Click the link at the bottom for basic instructions on using the interactive tool.
Prize Draw
At the end of the consultation, you will have the opportunity to enter our prize draw to win one of three Love2Shop prizes:
  • 1st Prize - £100 voucher
  • 2nd Prize - £50 voucher
  • 3rd Prize - £25 voucher
Click the link at the end which will redirect you to the prize draw page.  It is not linked to your responses in this consultation and they will remain anonymous.
To start - press "Get Started" below and then use the sliders alongside each service to allocate points to each of them. The more points you give to a service the more important it is to you.

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How to use the Simulator

Using our interactive online tool is simple. You can allocate a total of 100 points across services provided in each of these areas by using the sliders to highlight what are the most important services to you (0 being low priority and 10 being high priority). You will also be able to see what your decisions could mean for their future delivery by clicking "i" to see potential impacts.

You must allocate all 100 points before you can submit your response.  If you go over the 100 points, then you must adjust your responses.  When the box in the top left changes from red to green, you have completed the task.

You will also be able to give us your comments and ideas. This will help us understand what is important to you when we make our budget proposals later this year.

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